DADT is really dead?

When a gay Marine can finally take his partner to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, I guess it is. Kudos to President Obama et al. for thoroughly putting a stake in the heart of this odious law, and not going the quick-and-dirty route of just declining to enforce it. Thanks to their work, DADT is dead, and won't be haunting us when the next Conservative get into the White House.

(Read the link. Part 4 is especially moving.)

My, my, my... :D

I hope President Obama will live up to this honor. As much as I respect him, The Nobel Committee's decision seems a bit premature. Personally, I was expecting somebody more like this young man to get it.

Still, it's going to be entertaining to see the reactions from all those people who had been so happy that the President wasn't able to get the Olympic Games for Chicago. :D

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Me: listen to what Liddy said about Sonia Sotomayor.
LIDDY: Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something or just before she’s going to menstruate. That would really be bad....
Hubby: (blink) (blink) (stare) He said that?
Me: You want to see the the video clip?
Hubby: (shudders) No, thanks.
Me: He called her a racist, too.
Hubby: (looks disgusted)

That whole "permanant Republican majority" thing isn't looking so hot right now, is it? :D
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I don't normally post from other people's diaries

But this one spoke to me:

I have been trying since November 4th to try to figure out why I desire to be involved in the fight against prop 8 so badly. I have always been politically active and there are a great many issues in this world that upset and anger me. But never have I felt something so deeply, and so fully, as my anger at the loss of marriage rights for same sex couples. I have friends and family members who are gay but that is not the entirety of where my desire to fight comes from. Over the last few days I think I have come to understand myself and my history a little bit better, and this diary is my attempt to explain to people why I am taking this fight so seriously.

Nazakhstan's diary :: ::

There is a quote for whom I do not know the source, but it goes

"We have all picked fruit from trees we did not plant, and we have all drank from wells we did not dig."

And in a lot of ways this is how I feel about my life. You see I am an naturalized citizen of the United States and my transition from six year old immigrant to an adult PhD holding citizen of the U.S. has been smooth and unmarred by hardship or discrimination. In this, I realize I am truly lucky...

Go on, read the whole thing. :-)